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Monia Merlo

© Bortnichenko Dmitry 


ağır düşlerle geçtim dünyevi ağrılardan 
kazıdım yüzümdeki kibirli lekeleri 
tanrılara ait hiç birşey yok dünyada 
hayat sonsuz. aşk ölümsüz değil asla (Bayram Balcı)

daha fazla fotoğraf için

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I found that losing myself in technicolor was not only the scariest thing I have ever experienced, it was also the most peaceful. 

It took me farther from reality than I have ever dared to go, silence is bliss.

I am grateful for constantly being on the edge of losing myself and staying aware…I did not lose any part of who I am, I am still me—-only now I appreciate my ability and strength to hold on, help myself in ways no other human could, to keep me from the depths of what I only would begin to categorize as an abyss from which I may not have returned. 

My mind travelled to places of the natural world as well as the center of my psyche, I will never forget what I saw, even though my words struggle to bring my experience alive. 

I am complete. 

Don’t forget to hold on to who you are in your moments of fear, it is the only thing keeping us together. Fear is the only thing that can tear us apart. 

Go forth with love, bask in the sun, and cherish life. 

Kaya Blaze

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Photo by Umberto Verdoliva